Questions and answers about your digital toll product!

Register within seconds and drive off completely without stickers.

How does the registration work?

It's that simple:


Toll product selection

You choose the toll product you need for your trip to/through Switzerland.


License plate and payment

Enter your license plate number and make sure it is correct! Then select a payment method of your choice.


Product validity

After a few seconds / minutes you will receive an email confirmation with a QR code. Now your license plates are successfully registered at the toll station and you can drive off without attaching a sticker and without a waiting period!

Valid immediately, no waiting time!

We register your license plates immediately in the official toll store, you can start driving within seconds / minutes!

If your vehicle has a GVW of up to 3.5 t, you need a vignette to drive on Swiss motorways and motorways. If your vehicle has a GVW of over 3.5 t, it is subject to the heavy vehicle fee instead. An exception is made for work vehicles, these are subject to the vignette even if they have a GVW over 3.5 t.

The gross vehicle weight of the trailer is decisive here. For trailers with up to 3.5 t gross vehicle weight an additional vignette is required. This also applies to caravans under 3.5 t gross vehicle weight. For trailers and caravans over 3.5 t gross vehicle weight, the toll is paid via a special heavy vehicle charge. Trailers which are pulled by a motorbike are exempt from the vignette obligation.

No. You no longer need a physical vignette after successful registration. No adhesive vignette will be sent on our part either.

A 1 year vignette for Switzerland costs 49,90 € in our online store.

After you have paid for your order, we will immediately start registering your license plates. This usually takes less than 2 minutes! After successful registration in the toll store, you will receive a registration confirmation with a QR code by mail. Your toll product is now valid and you can start driving!

There is no obligation to carry the confirmation with you. However, we recommend that you carry it with you in the event of technical problems. This way, you can prove beyond a doubt that you have purchased a digital vignette.

We offer the following payment methods: Credit Card, Giropay, Sofortüberweisung, iDEAL, EPS, S€PA, PayPal

A 1 year vignette for Switzerland costs 49,90 € in our online store.

In principle, the vignette is compulsory on motorways and roads with white-green signage as soon as you enter the road. However, there are exceptions where the vignette obligation does not apply as long as you leave the motorway at the first exit. These include the Basel St. Louis motorway, the Rheinfelden motorway and the Kreuzlingen motorway.

With the digital vignette, there is the possibility of a one-time licence plate change as long as it is for the same vehicle owner. This means that the digital vignette can continue to be used, for example, in the event of a move.

The digital vignette for Switzerland, like the adhesive vignette, is only available as an annual vignette. It is valid from December 1st of the previous year to January 31st of the following year, i.e. for up to 14 months in total.